Remote Spy Monitoring System

1.Key Logger:To watch the keyboard or text message the user will implement the Key logger that will work in Sneakiness mode and Save Key strokes in Log file or direct email Keystrokes to Administrator.
2.Spy Photo: When user try to login with wrong username and password. The system will activate this feature automatically and take the photo of user using Web Cam in spy mode further send Email photo File to Administrator.
3.URL tracker:To monitor the users activity on the Web there is a feature of tracking history of most viewing Websites by the users.
4.Spy Screenshot:When Admin find any user as suspected then admin can set Spy Screenshot that will take screenshot in spy mode regularly in every five minutes and save into the System in Encrypted mode and Email to administrator
5.Remote process management: In this user can see the process running on the remote system and local system. Further here user can start stop the process of remote and local system.

Technologies used : C# Winform and SQL Server

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