COVID-19 Corona Virus Testing Monitoring Reporting & E-Pass Tools


Coronaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses, about 120 nanometers in diameter. They are susceptible to mutation and recombination and are therefore highly diverse. There are about 40 different varieties and they mainly infect human and non-human mammals and birds. They reside in bats and wild birds, and can spread to other animals and hence to humans. The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to have originated in bats and then spread to snakes and pangolins and hence to humans, perhaps by contamination of meat from wild animals, as sold in China’s meat markets.

As Corona virus mututaion time is 14 days and first four days after infection are very important to detect the infected person to isolate. if any infected contacts to non infected person the virus will infect all person who contacts infected person and it will be very difficult task to stop the spread of Corona virus in to other person. So it is very important to trace and detect the infected person in early stage. In all industries, Schools, College and other organizatons where more 100 person contacts.

It is very complex task to track each and every person, capture Temprature daily and maintain the history of every person working in organization. futher oganization leader or other decision maker how to know or make ensure that every person is checked and tested in entry of the person into the office.

To overcome the above said problem TMR-Epass is developed where we first register the person with Face Recogniation using EMGU CV and store the person personal information after registration, system will generate the E-Pass that is valid for 3 to 5 days.

System Requirement

1. Hardware : Core i3 CPU with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD Space with WebCam or Digital Camera.

Any webcam or Laptop Camera will be used to register and recognize person using Face Recognization EMGU CV Framework.

Any IR Thermameter to capture the Temprature of the person. using the USB IR Thermameter we can direct capture the person Temprature and store into database.

2. Software :1. Windows 7 32 Bit. 2. .Net Freamwork 4.0 3. SAP Crystal Report. 4. SQL Server 2014.

System Working

1. Client will be register on the system

2. Client will be login into system using Email and Password (First time password will be Mobile No.)

3. Add Person Faces to make Face Recognization

4. Add or Update Person Personal Details

5. Now Genereate the Person Pass. System will capture the Person Face and their Stored information from the Database. Here User will get the Temprature from the Manual IR Thermamater or USB IR Thermamater.

6. When you click on Print Pass System will generate the Pass.


7. You can see the person registered in the system.

8. You can see the person Tested today by the system.

9. You can see the person list whose E-Pass has been Expired.

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