Android Device Camera Surveillance using Camera vision

1. Smart Device Camera Vision: An Android App where user set the connection string to connect with the desktop/ Laptop and to Start the Android device Camera.
2. Admin DashBoard: A Dashboard will be developed where admin can view the live streaming captured from the android device. Here Admin can set the Single camera monitoring as well as multi camera monitoring also. Admin Also take the picture from the running camera and save the picture as per requirements. Object Tracking will be done when camera find some movement in front of the camera. Further Admin can set the movement % in the system.
3. Image Capture : Admin can take the image capture from the running video streaming and can save the image into the system.
4. Auto Image Capture : Admin can set the auto Image Capture where object found in the front of the camera and automatically save into the system.
5. Alarm & alert: System will bloat and sound alarm when systems find wrong movement into the system.

Technologies used : JAVA and Android and My SQL

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