CBSE PM SHRI School Website development and Hosting

CBSE requirements for school website: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for all affiliated schools to have website with complete details of the school.

Information required on the website: Following information is required to be present on the school website

Details of CBSE guidelines and norms
Student strength
Information about Teaching Staff
Student teacher ratio
Contact details of Administrators
Comprehensive information about the school
Information about school infrastructure
Governance structure
Land area
Facilities and teacher salaries
Teachers’ qualification

The information to be provided on the website includes affiliation status, details of infrastructure, names and designations of teachers, class-wise and section-wise enrollment of students, address (both postal and email), telephone numbers, and details of members of the school managing committee, to name a few. Thus, the schools need to prepare an annual report containing all information to be uploaded on to its website,” the letter added. The details are to be collected as an annual report and uploaded on the website before September 15 each year

A new circular is issued by CBSE (circular 09)_230720_115620 which can be downloaded here

CBSE Website Development

1. Website Development: We have dedicated development team to develop the dynamic website of schools as per Guidlines and instruction given in CBSE circular. All Norms and security features are implemented in designing of website. Development of website is done according to Google Indexing

2. Database and Security:Website developed for CBSE school used Database as Backend for Dyamic storage of School Data. Website code for database are highly secure and SQL Injection free.

3. Backup and Restore: All website are backed up on the Monthly Basis and may be restored if any problem occured.

4. Google Indexing & Searching: Google indexing of website is also done for searching of Website Page.

5. Schools Website:

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