1. Hiding Messages in the Noise of a Picture: There is only one safe place for private data and messages: the place where nobody looks for it. A file encrypted with algorithms like PGP are not readable, but everybody knows that there is something hidden. Wouldn't it be nice, if everyone could open your encrypted files, and see noisy photos of some old friends instead of your private data? They surely wouldn't look for pieces of encrypted messages in the pixel values. User can encrypt and Decrypt text message behind the noise of a Image using RSA
3. Messaging: user can encrypt and Decrypt text message on the fly and send it to registered user or by using the inbuilt Email system
4. Hiding Message in the audio file: user can send message through Audio file (*.Wav) file that will be used as carrier file to hide the message into the file. Hiding a message in Wave samples is very similar to hiding it in the pixels of a bitmap. Again, we use a key stream to skip a number of carrier units (samples/pixels), grab one carrier unit, put one bit of the message into the lowest bit of the carrier unit, and write the changed unit to the destination stream. When the entire message has been hidden like that, we copy the rest of the carrier stream.

5. Hiding  Message into the  Video File : A Text Message will be hide into the Video File created with a Virtual Dub video creater. Application will extract the image Frame from the Video then hide the message into the  Image Frame and recreate the video again. On Decryption of the  Video Application get the frame in which video is hide then extract the message from that video.

Technologies used : C# windows Forms and SQL Server 2010 for Database

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