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In this Project railway ticket reservation system is implemented where following modules has been implement
1)  Registration Managment
2) Login Management
3) Train Scheduling
4) Ticket Booking
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A2Z courior System provide all the features regarding courier facility
1.)  Client Management
2.) Courier PickUp
3.) Courier Delivery
4.) Courier Tracking
5.) Reporting
6.) Query
7.) Vehical Management
8.) Login Management
C# Asp.Net
SQL Server 2008
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College Management System provide the following features
1.) Student Management
2.) Liberary Management
3.) Fee Managemnt
4.) Exam Management
Language : C
File System
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Railway reservation system with the implementation of the multi-threading concepts. Concurrent system designing includes accessing the same resource in spite of the different user trying to access the same. Developer has been asked to use the keyword like run, start and sleep to depict the property of the thread, it has also been asked to avoid the deadlock in the system.
Following are the functionalities of the system.
Registration of the user: users are required to register first with the name and required detail along with the 16 digit valid credit card number. This credit number is used to validate the transaction at the time of making payment.
 Login: registered users are required to login with the userid and password chosen by the user.
Find train: train can be founded by the users with the help of drop down list provided.
Passenger details: passenger name, gender and date of journey are asked to book the ticket for the respective date.
  Booking: Number of ticket to be booked is selected and booked.
Payment: payment is done with the help of credit card number which is to be entered by the user at the time of the payment.
Database :MS -Access
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Telephone Billing System Provide the following modules
1.) Customer Info
2.) Telephone Bill Info
3.) Report
4.) Query
Language: C++
File System
Downloads : 49

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